WACDA Conference Interest Session Handouts

2024 Conference

Junior High Innovative Concert Programming | Melanie Brown, Alexandra Fardelos, Taryn Tidwell

Yes, You Can Compose For Your Choir | Saunder Choi, Dale Trumbore

Swing Into Action: Vocal Jazz Mini-Immersion | Dr. Jeremy Fox

You Are the Voice Teacher: Teaching Technique and Authenticity of Vocal Production in Choral Singing | Amy Johnston Blosser, Dr. C. Andrew Blosser

Middle School Choral Students: How Do You Motivate Them? | Lynn Brinckmeyer

Choir Fun & Games | Christina Hall, Jordan Rakita (Handout #2)

Flexible Fach: Gender-Affirming Vocal Pedagogy Through Science-Informed Practices | Stevie J. Hirner

Show Me The Rhythm | Dr. Pamela McDermott

2022 Conference

Breaking Barriers: Performing Diverse & Accessible Music for All | Jeffrey Benson

Inclusive Vocal Pedagogy for the Choral Rehearsal | Olga Perez Flora, Désirée La Vertu, Lori Marie Rios

Compassion and Contemporary Music Performance | David Harris and Laurel Irene

Forgotten Gems: Exploring Works of the German Renaissance and Early Baroque | Angelica Dunsavage and Jeff Vanderlee

Beyond Programming: Creating a More Inclusive Choral Space | Corie Brown and Jeffrey Benson

 The Power of Story in Song: Feeding the Choir’s Soul | Dean Luethi

Let All Children Sing!: Creating Community Connection through Youth Choirs | Erin Bailey and Leslie Walker

Building Beautiful Voices: Tools and Principles | Frank Eychaner and John Martin Petzet

Timely, Uplifting, and Super-Practical: Creating Realistic Arrangements for Your Church, Community, or School Choir | Nina Gilbert

Strong Body, Strong Mind, Strong Music | Jaclyn Johnson and Steven Hankle

Implementing a Multicultural Framework in Choral Classrooms | Jason Bowers

Empowered Leaders Empower Others: Committing to Vulnerable, Thoughtful, and Inclusive Leadership | Jennifer Hansen Heder and Colleen Chester

Beyond Palestrina: Keeping Early Music Relevant in a Diversifying Choir Room | Nicole Baker

Nisenan Cultural Music Project – A Concert & Conversation about the Histories of Nisenan’s from the Nevada City Rancheria | Daniel Paulson and Shelly Covert

Magic In The Middle | Roger Emerson

(Trans)itioning Voices: Inclusivity through Line Recombination | Stevie Hirner

A Life-Changing Tour: Planning a Choir Tour for Peace and Social Justice | Jennifer Tisi