Western Region Board & Committees
Term ends June 30, 2022

Executive Committee

Lou De La Rosa, CA – President
Kim Ritzer, NV – Past President
Michael Short, CA – President-Elect
Joe Svendsen, NV – Treasurer

Ted Gibson – Arizona President
Christopher Peterson – California President
Jace Saplan – Hawai`i President
Michael Polutnik – Nevada President
Cherilyn Worthen – Utah President

Advisory Committee
R&R Coordinators work with State R&R Chairs for each genre listed

Ernest Harrison, CA – Lifelong R&R Coordinator

Community & Professional Choirs
Music in Worship
LGBTQ Perspectives
Choral Composition

Nicola Bertoni Dedmon, CA – Repertoire Specific R&R Coordinator

Contemporary Commercial
World Musics and Cultures
Women’s/SSAA Choirs
Men’s/TTBB Choirs
Vocal Jazz

Christina Swanson, AZ – Youth R&R Coordinator

Jr. High / Middle
Sr. High School

Peggy Spool, CA – Children’s & Community Youth R&R Coordinator

Nicholle Andrews, CA – Collegiate R&R Coordinator

College & University
Two-Year Colleges
Student Activities

Communications Committee
Joan Steinman, UT – Recording Secretary
Elizabeth Baker, HI – Social Media
Anna Caplan, CA – Webmaster
Angelica Dunsavage, AZ – Tactus Editor

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
Jace Saplan, HI – Chair
Alyssa Cossey & Nicki Manlove, AZ
Josh Palkki, & Zanaida Robles, CA
Megann Sala, HI
Ryan Duff, NV
Emily Mercado & Yuen Tseh, UT

“Lift EVERY Voice and Sing!”
2022 Conference Committee
Cari Earnhart, CA – Conference Committee Chair
Scot Hanna-Weir, CA – Conference Committee Vice-Chair
Lori Marie Rios, CA – Special Advisor to President
Joan Steinmann, UT – Conference Program Editor

Angelina Fitzhugh, CA – Interest Session Co-Chair
Emily Mercado, UT – Interest Session Co-Chair
Kristina Nakagawa, CA – Site Liaison (Interest Sessions)

Molly Peters, CA – Performance Co-Chair
Camille Killpack, UT – Performance Co-Chair
Carolyn Teraoka-Brady, CA – Site Liaison (Performance)

Tammi Alderman, CA – Reading Session Chair
(Works with R&R Coordinators and State R&R Chairs)

Dale Trumbore, CA – Composer Track Chair

Ryan Duff, NV – All Conference Choirs Coordinator
Nicholle Andrews, CA – Conducting Master Class Coordinator

Heather Scobie, NV – Hospitality Chair

Scott Glysson, CA College Fair Co-Chair
Alec Schumacker, HI – College Fair Co-Chair

John DiPalo, NV Registrar and Student Worker Coordinator
Jodi Reed, CA Exhibits & Sponsorship Coordinator
James Halvorson, CA Conference App Liaison

Marc McGhee, CA – Honor Choir Chair / Submittable Coordinator
Willow Manspeaker, CA – Honor Choir Chair

 Michael Uchino – Equipment Coordinator