2024 WACDA Pasadena Conference

Performing Choirs
Ad Astra, Chandler Children’s Choir (AZ) – Aimee Stewart
Crystal Children’s Choir (CA) – Karl Chang
Ragazzi Boys Chorus (CA) – Kent Jue
Advanced Choir, Thurman White Academy (NV) – Athena Mertes
Blue Notes, Saugus High School (CA) – Kaitlin Holt
Chamber Singers, Mater Dei High School (CA) – Jodi Reed
Chamber Singers, San Juan HIlls High School (CA) – Michael Ushino
Vocal Ensemble, Tesoro High School (CA) – Keith Hancock
Symphonic Choir, University of Arizona (AZ) – Dr. Elizabeth Schauer
Chamber Singers, Riverside City College (CA) – John Byun
Biola University Chorale, Biola University (CA) – Dr. Shawna Stewart
Cantabile, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (CA) – Dr. Scott Glysson
Jazz & Tonic, Cal State Long Beach (CA) – Jonathan Arenas
University Singers, California State University, Fullerton (CA)  – Dr. Robert Istad
Resounding Achord (CA) – Kristina Nakagawa
The Sterling Ensemble Los Angeles (CA) – Michelle Jensen
The Sunday Night Singers (CA) – Michael McCullough
Interest Sessions
  • Many Voices, Many Centers: 6 Steps for Multicentric Choral Programming – Dr. Jennifer Hansen Heder (CA)
  • (she/her/ella) Unlocking the Music of Latina Choral Composers – Dr. Corie Brown and Juan Manuel Hernández-Morales (CA & Columbia)
  • Understanding the Unique Voice of the Gospel Musician: Sound, Harmony, and Culture – Matt Falker and Jamond McCoy (CA)
  • Creating an Adaptive Choir Program – Brandi Dignum (AZ)
  • Understanding and Engaging with “Toxic” Masculinity and Male-Presenting Expression in the Post COVID-19 Choral Classroom – Corbin Cowan, Dr. Joshua Palkki and Dr. Jace Kaholokula Saplan (AZ)
  • Choirs for Change: Programming with Purpose – Dr. Elizabeth Schauer (AZ)
  • Mosaics from the Middle East – Dr. Iris Levine and Dr. Cari Earnhart (CA)
  • Middle School Choral Students – How Do You Motivate Them? – Lynn Brinckmeyer (TX)
  • Unlocking the Power of the Vagus Nerve: The Key to Vocal Freedom – Natasha Valdes (CA)
  • Real talk: Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable about race in choral music – Arreon A. Harley-Emerson and Dr. Joshua Palkki (DE & AZ)
  • Show Me the Rhythm! – Pamela McDermott (VA)
  • Flexible Fach: Gender-Affirming Vocal Pedagogy through Science-Informed Practices – Stevie J. Hirner (CA)
  • Practice Your Pitch: Advocacy Is Everybody’s Business – Alex Gartner (FL)
  • Building a Repertoire of Gestures: Laban Movement for Choral Conductors – Dr. Jenny Bent (CA)
  • Yes, You Can Compose for Your Own Choir: Why & How Every Educator Should Try Writing for Their Own Ensemble – Dale Trumbore and Saunder Choi (CA)
  • You Are the Voice Teacher: Teaching Technique and Authenticity of Vocal Production in Choral Singing. – Amy Johnston Blosser and C. Andrew Blosser (OH)
Poster Sessions
  • A Conductor’s Analysis of Balintawak: Misang Pilipino by Bonifacio Abdon (1876-1944) – Sinamar Pascua Respicio
  • Perceptions of School-University Partnerships in Music Education: A Multiple Case Study – Emily Mercado 
  • Catalyzing our Choral Communities: Queer Joy as the Liberatory Path Forward – Colin Cossi, Iese Wilson, Tiffany O’Neill
  • Using Warm Ups to Teach Repertoire – Meghan Hatfield
  • Optimizing the Musical Mind: A Philosophical Exploration of Sports Psychology in Secondary Choral Music Classrooms – Jordan Shomper
  • Keeping It Personal: The Power of Personal Contacting in Recruiting, Teaching, and Advertising in Choir – CJ Madsen
  • A Look Into The Syncretism Choral Music of Central and South America – Adan Fernandez
  • Affirming Trans & Gender Expansive Voices in the Choral Rehearsal – Fabián Rodríguez Castro
  • Building Peace Internationally through Song: the Hoʻolōkahi Chamber Choir – Dr. Erica Glenn
  • The Art of Gathering (In Our Classrooms) – Allison Zema
  • Got Solfège? – Music should belong to everyone – Dr. Niké St. Clair
  • Se Enkhbayar: Two Pieces by an Inner Mongolian Composer – Mengda Jiang
  • Diversifying Repertoire: Choral Literature from Latin America- Patricia Terceros
  • A Taste of Southeast Asian Choral Music – Yu Hang Tan and Emily Sung
  • Juntos: Embracing Mariachi for a Choir Collaboration – Aimee Stewart and Issa Johnson
Honor Choir Information Now Available!
Applications open through September 29th
Meet our 2024 Western Region Honor Choir Conductors

Dr. Judy Bowers – Children’s Honor Choir (grades 4-6)

Ms. Emily Ellsworth – Youth SATB Honor Choir (grades 7-9)

Dr. Julie Yu – High School SSAA Honor Choir (grades (9-12)

Dr. Rollo Dilworth – Gospel Honor Choir (High School, College/University, ACDA members)

Announcing the Western ACDA Conducting Master Classes!

Our regional conference in Pasadena includes three master classes:

  • Conference Attendee: open to all attendees, including graduate students
  • Undergraduate Student: students enrolled in collegiate programs (bachelor’s or associate’s degrees)
  • New Teachers & Emerging Conductors: open to conductors with 5 years or less of conducting experience

Master Class Clinicians: Dr. Iris S. Levine, Joseph Huszti, Dr. Marcela Molina

Applications are open now and due October 31.

Questions may be directed to Dr. Tim Westerhaus at

Conference registration opens October 4, 2023