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Poster Sessions

  • A Conductor’s Analysis of Balintawak: Misang Pilipino by Bonifacio Abdon (1876-1944) – Sinamar Pascua Respicio
  • Perceptions of School-University Partnerships in Music Education: A Multiple Case Study – Emily Mercado 
  • Catalyzing our Choral Communities: Queer Joy as the Liberatory Path Forward – Colin Cossi, Iese Wilson, Tiffany O’Neill
  • Using Warm Ups to Teach Repertoire – Meghan Hatfield
  • Optimizing the Musical Mind: A Philosophical Exploration of Sports Psychology in Secondary Choral Music Classrooms – Jordan Shomper
  • Keeping It Personal: The Power of Personal Contacting in Recruiting, Teaching, and Advertising in Choir – CJ Madsen
  • A Look Into The Syncretism Choral Music of Central and South America – Adan Fernandez
  • Affirming Trans & Gender Expansive Voices in the Choral Rehearsal – Fabián Rodríguez Castro
  • Building Peace Internationally through Song: the Hoʻolōkahi Chamber Choir – Dr. Erica Glenn
  • The Art of Gathering (In Our Classrooms) – Allison Zema
  • Got Solfège? – Music should belong to everyone – Dr. Niké St. Clair
  • Se Enkhbayar: Two Pieces by an Inner Mongolian Composer – Mengda Jiang
  • Diversifying Repertoire: Choral Literature from Latin America- Patricia Terceros
  • A Taste of Southeast Asian Choral Music – Yu Hang Tan and Emily Sung
  • Juntos: Embracing Mariachi for a Choir Collaboration – Aimee Stewart and Issa Johnson