WACDA Conference Interest Sessions

The Western Region ACDA Conference will host thirty-two interest sessions for educators and conductors of all ages. Topics are centered around: (a) diversity, equity, and inclusion—such as “Choral Intersectionality: Gender, Race and Reimagined Excellence” presented by Drs. Josh Palkki and Jace Saplan; (b) conducting technique—such as “Dynamic Body Balance: Unlocking Communication” presented by Dr. Nicole Lamatine; and (c) youth choirs—such as “Let All Children Sing!: Creating a Community Connection through Youth Choirs” presented by Dr. Erin Bailey and Leslie Walker. In addition, for the first time, the Western Region ACDA Conference will host a research/best-practice poster session before the Thursday night concert. During this poster session, attendees will have access to beverages while they move about the posters and chat with the presenters about their research. Some of the poster topics include culturally relevant pedagogy, Alexander Technique, Korean music, and Kirke Mechem’s New Opera.

Note on Reading Sessions: All but two of the reading sessions will be offered online asynchronously after the conference. This will enable attendees to be able to hear all of the music chosen by your State R&R Chairs, while opening the schedule to provide more time to network. The two in-person reading sessions are as follows:

Music Every Beginning Choral Teacher Should Know – This reading session, curated by Tammi Alderman, is designed to address the challenge of programming literature for an inexperienced choir.

Works of Emerging Composers – This reading session will feature works by emerging composers of the Western Region.

Our Virtual Reading Sessions are as follows:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Contemporary Commercial
  • Advanced Repertoire (All Voicings)
  • Music for Developing Voices (7-12)
  • Music for Young Voices (K-8)
  • Music for Worship
  • World Music & Culture
  • Music by Western Region Composers *

* This is in addition to Works of Emerging Composers which is happening live at the conference