2024 Composition Commission Winner: Hear the piece now!

We extend a hearty congratulations to our 2024 Western ACDA Composition Commission winner, LAUREN BIGGS! Lauren’s composition “I Am the World” was premiered by the CSU Fullerton University Singers on the conference opening concert!  Hear it performed here!

To hear more of Lauren’s music, please visit: https://solo.to/laureliamadeus
Lauren Elise Biggs is an Alaskan composer, vocalist, and producer studying music at Azusa Pacific University. In her early teens, Ms. Biggs began releasing music under the pseudonym Laureli Amadeus, eager to develop her own distinct sound and widen her musical knowledge. By 2022, her discography boasted over six hours of music diverse in genre, instrumentation, and lyrical content. This prolificness earned her the title of “restless creative,” her works being featured on media such as The Alaska Show Podcast, the 2023 Ziklibrenbib Election of the Year, and numerous covers and fan-videos following the release of Vol. 1 & 2 of Songs Inspired by Encanto. Collaborations include Encanto stars Adassa (voice of Dolores) and Juanse Diez (voice of Camilo), Hudson Adams, James Curry, R.J. Tolson, Robot X, and fellow student musicians in the recording of her 2023 Russian choral piece, “Be wise and treasure love.” Since joining several choral ensembles at APU, Ms. Biggs has fostered a fierce love for choral music and draws inspiration from composers such as Georgey Sviridov, Eric Ešenvalds, Gwyneth Walker, Eric Whitacre, and numerous others.